Things To Do in Chengdu


It’s been too long since my last visit to that interesting city in the mid of Sichuan. With a recent planned trip there, I think better to recap what I did there in my 2-year less experience there, and list a few of things to do in Chengdu, as an outsider maybe.

although I was saying the things to “do” in Chengdu, I guess mostly I mean “food to eat”.

Hot Pot

Start with a quite interesting relational diagram from Wechat moment regarding different types of hot pots.

Relations of Sichuan Food

The symbol of Sichuan, while not every foreigner full adopt to the spicy of Hot Pot, almost every visitor here willing to give a try, no matter from domestic or abroad. So there are actually just two types of food – Hot Pot and other snacks. (Oden is actually Japanese food and not been considered as Sichuan Food)

Laoma Hog Hoof/老妈蹄花

When I visited Chengdu for the first time in 2008 and second time in 2012, Laoma Hog Hoof was the first meal we had and quite good in my memory for both times. This is not the best food in Chengdu, because I just had it once and been easily caught by other choices, but it is the fittest one for visitors to start with Sichuan flavors.

Jin Li Street/锦里

Purely a site for tourist, at least for most the times. Jin Li is a place fully of Chengdu element, it have all kinds of street food that you can find in this city, also have all kinds of souvenirs that reminds you of this city. During Spring Festival, there will be a temple fair together with Wuhou Temple nearby.

Kuan Ally and Zhai Ally/宽窄巷子

I like Kuan Ally and Zhai Ally better than Jin Li Street, I guess the most of the reason is that it’s less crowded.I was used to go there in the afternoon, grab a cup of coffee and talk a walk. Or there’s a temple named “Qing Yang Palace”, which is also a quiet place that you can do your meditation or just enjoy you time there.

Gou Hun Noodle/勾魂面

To be honest, I haven’t tried every noodle shop in Chengdu. Within the limited number trials, Gou Hun Noodle is one of my favorites choice of working day supper. There’re several chain shops of Gou Hun Noodle across city of Chengdu, I can always find one if I don’t know what to choose.

Ma Yi Zha Desert/蚂蚁揸甜品店

In those days I had four meals starts from the afternoon, Ma Yi Zha has its position as third meal for a long time. But this I guess was more or less my wife’s choice not for everyone.

[To be continued]


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